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People who drink more, though, should cut back.

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While the warm sun is certainly inviting, too much exposure to it can lead to skin cancer, including serious melanoma. Among other problems, sexually transmitted infections — like human papillomavirus HPV — are linked to a number of different cancers. Protecting yourself from these infections can lower your risk. There are a number of important screening tests that can help protect against cancer.

Some of these tests find cancer early when they are most treatable, while others can actually help keep cancer from developing in the first place. For colorectal cancer alone, regular screening could save over 30, lives each year. Talk to a health care professional about which tests you should have and when. Using visuals triples that amount. To get the full benefit of this article, give yourself about an hour to create the diagrams yourself—either as you read it, or within 48 hours of reading it.

Probably many. You might feel that way yourself. Around a year ago, I was facing this problem myself. I had a job which paid quite well. I worked only 20 hours a week. The office had a nice and relaxed vibe to it, and my colleagues were very kind. The mission of the company was aligned with my personal values and I felt that I was making a positive impact in the world. There was really nothing about my job to complain about. However, every morning when I entered my office, I felt like a shadow of what I should be. Welcome to the world of the status quo bias. Making an alternative choice is hard because we are neurologically wired to favor the default solution , even if it brings suboptimal results.

As the complexity of a decision increases, so does our tendency to stick with the answer we know. Then, I would be better able to align my actions with my purpose. It also carries the idea of moving towards the future, reflecting your goals or ideal lifestyle.

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If you would like to read more about ikigai , here are two resources to go deeper:. However, you only need a general understanding of the concept to make your own Ikigai diagram. Ikigai provides an excellent visual framework to reach clarity and identify long-term life goal s. The concept of ikigai is often depicted as a Venn diagram, with ikigai placed at the center, where 4 sets dimensions or foundations of life overlap.

Ikigai encompasses:. What you love. What you are good at. What you can be paid for. What the world needs. Note: While in the Western World ikigai is commonly associated with employment, its original meaning does not imply this limitation.

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Ikigai can refer to work, but also to hobbies, relationships or simply enjoying the present moment. A person can also have more than one ikigai. For the purposes of this article, we will identify ikigai as a combination of elements forming an ideal and economically viable lifestyle. Anything between 15 minutes up to 1 hour. Identify at least 3 elements such as activities, ideas, topics, values… for each of the 4 foundations.

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Divide the elements into 2 groups:. Focus on the elements that resonate the most with you. Examine your results. How could you combine the elements into your ideal lifestyle? How can the means give you a route to the ends? Are all the areas well cared for?

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Is there anything you might eliminate? Look for synergy see below and sketch out a vision of how they might come together:. Check for congruency. Can you visualize your ideal lifestyle? Does this vision resonate with you? Would your needs be fulfilled? Keep rearranging the elements until you are satisfied with your result. You can try diagramming as many versions of a vision as you like until one resonates. Reflect on your current situation and how it differs from your ikigai circle and the resulting vision you created.

Which of your needs are not fulfilled? What is causing you stress? Which part of the ikigai diagram do you currently spend most of your time in? Plan a transition — how could you move from your current situation towards the center of the diagram? Which areas require the most attention? In order to make the most of the ikigai framework, there are two concepts to keep in mind: balance and synergy.

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Imagine the ikigai diagram as an elaborate balance scale with 4 weighing pans. Placing too much pressure on a single pan will disturb the equilibrium.

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In order to maintain balance, all 4 dimensions need to be equally cared for. In principle, this can be achieved by either aligning your activities to contribute to all 4 dimensions simultaneously, or redistributing your time to meet the needs of all 4 separately. While looking at the activities in your diagram, try to identify not only how they can be included in your life, but, most importantly, how you can make use of apparently conflicting elements to harness potential synergies between them.

In fact, this sounded like the perfect lifestyle for me. Drawing the ikigai diagram on my whiteboard for the first time was a profound experience. This realization prompted me to start seeking an alternative path. I continued to use the graph as a framework to test viability of my ideas. I wanted to make sure that my new path would not only resonate with me, but also be economically viable. A few months later, I quit my job. Once I had a very clear vision, my status quo bias was not holding me back anymore. And now, over a year later, I am still thriving. I remember the day I quit my job very well.