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The two are biological sisters from the same litter and we lovingly call them our little monsters. They are both very chatty and we can enjoy long talks, especially with Wilma the calico.

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Enjoyed this article about coat colors.. I have 4 calicos one is a ragdoll dilute calico and I also have one solid gray tabby… Love they all…. We currently have 2 grey tabbies, 1 orange tabby, 1 tortie, and 1 calico. The other 3 cats in our group are an orange and white, a black and white, and a seal point Siamese. We do love our kitties!!! As I understand it, all cats have an under layer and a top layer of fur. I LOVE them!

What about Siamese Tortie Points? They are pointed like a Siamese but Tri-colored as well. Incredible color changing cats. My Heart cat was a Tortie Siamese. We have one Tabby and one Torbie. Both of them have distinct attitudes.

But that simply makes them unique in their own way and i enjoy having them in our lives. Because tabbies have wildcat ancestry, does that make it more prone to biting? I have a year old female tabby and she can be loving 1 minute and suddenly bite me the next. How can I stop this? This you just accept as part of being loved by a cat. I was walking my dog n I heard a noise. So when we meet eye to eye it came to my feet I was kinda curious about picking it up but my dog seems to not mind he was quite happy so I picked it up brought it into my home took a bath n it was fleas free.

I have a brown tabby male, a dilute tortie female, a torbie female and a buff and white bi-color male…. All the loves of my life. We have one of each! I have three calicos. The mama is mostly black with orange mixed in and white on her paws and belly. Your comments about the various personalities above are absolutely true. She can be tempermental but when I had my surgeries she was the most loving and loyal of all of my kitty cats.

I am fostering kittens and one of them has calico patches.

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  • I noticed she does the most purring and although tiny her lovable characteristics are very noticeable. I have 4 tabbies who are great but due to their coloration are extremely difficult to see in the dark.

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    This is something to keep in mind if a person happens to be visually impaired. Oh and maybe I should say 5 tabbies because a tortie is technically a tabby too. I have a beautiful grey tabby girl, two years old. Her stripes are very defined and very dark almost black while her body is silver grey tabby. A dark black line runs on the top of her spine from neck to base of tail. Her belly is like greyish yellow, hard to define. She is a real beauty and is my pride and joy. We have a lovely polydactl girl we adopted 8 years ago. She was a severely depressed 3 year old who had spent at least 18 months in shelters!

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    She is our second Tortie, after years of mostly Siamese. We have a tortoise-point Himalayan. Because she is mostly white, it really only shows up on her face, which is gray and orange around her muzzle and gives her a slightly sneering look. I have 2 tabby males. Minion grey, black and a little brown, tabby and Simba ginger tabby. They are brothers but not biologically. They definitely have different personalities. Minion is my curious one and also chewer And Simba is my scaredy cat. They are my fur babies. What a clear and concise explanation of coat colors. We have a wonderful, intelligent, friendly, loving, energetic, handsome and did I say smart and witty Orange Tabby, Timmy!

    It is amazing how different our personalities are that is something that makes the Cat such a wonderful house partner. Well… What a clear and concise explanation of coat colors. I have a beautiful torby girl Willow , who has the softest fur ever! Somewhat muted colors. One of our males is a gorgeous, and huge, tabby. Also lovey. One in every four or five orange kittens is female. I have a champagne tabby and a tortie.

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    I also had a beautiful tuxedo cat that passed away in March. Torties with white should be called Tortico. Her face has some white but mainly underneath on her belly and her neck area she has white. Torticos need to be added into this. My calico has a tuxedo head. I can say that all live up to their descriptions!! Especially my mocha with all her tortitude.

    I have sister kitties, one is a dilute calico and the other a dilute tortillas. Such a beautiful pair! I have two torties. They have tortitude. The also have vocal chords that do not close all the way so the have breathy meows. All 4 have different personalities.

    I have two orange foster cats and one is not buff, but lighter, no white, and is female, and a mackeral tabby male. Two of my friends have had orange tabby females. We had a neighor's cat who used to visit, buff, female. So, not to burst bubbles, but orange females don't seem super rare lol. I had a cat that I thought was tabby when he was born, but as he grew, the stripes turned into circles. What is that all about?

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    We share our home with a tortie, who actually picked us. In the cat enclosure, that we just went in to say hi. The next day we went back to look at a puppy. The cat saw us again, did the same thing. Greets each us when we come in the afternoon and always is either with my husband and I or our 17 year old son, who is her favorite. For example:. Close the file. Open the file you just downloaded, fill out all the fields, and save the file under another name. Then close the file. Once we receive your application, we will send you a note to verify we got it.

    Posting Date: August 23, Meet Bootz! Bootz is a spirited young girl with a lot of spunk. It was quite a battle catching her downtown with the other cats and she growled at everyone the first week. Now that she has settled down she is one of the nicest of the kittens.