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The granola base is made from whole grain, gluten-free oats, and they get extra nutrition from veggie extracts.

The chocolate banana variety has five grams of added sugar per serving; other varieties go up to six grams. Since these nibbles are bite-sized, you could always serve less than recommended; just a couple bites might be a nice finishing touch in a bento box. Where to find them: 4-packs available at Amazon. This is an all-star in my home and I bet it will be in yours, too.

Made with real maple syrup and organic cane sugar, these seeds are just the right amount of sweet with only three grams of added sugar. Plus, pumpkin seeds are nutritional powerhouses, with about 7 grams of protein per quarter-cup serving, along with meaningful amounts of nutrients, like zinc, magnesium, and iron. If your child has a nut allergy or goes to school or activities in a nut-free zone, you need this snack in your life.

You might want to stock up on a case of these mini snack packs, which are the perfect size for tucking into lunchboxes and backpacks. Almonds happen to be a good plant-based source of calcium and while the serving is small, every bit counts for growing bodies. To pack even more nutrition, make a trail mix with plain roasted almonds, and add dried, unsweetened fruit, like raisins or plums.

Editor's note: These are currently out of stock. To be notified when they're available, click the Amazon link below. You can also find lower sugar treats for kids outside of the snack aisle, and whole grain cereal, which supplies fiber along with vitamins and minerals to nourish growing bodies, makes a good out-of-the-box option. These Puffins provide the perfect crunch in an easy-to-grab nibble. Where to find them: In bulk at Walmart , and individually at Whole Foods, many local supermarkets, or use Barbara's store locator to find them in your area.

If your child likes fruit-like, gummy snacks, stock up on these bars, which are actually made from real fruit. The label is as simple as it gets with just apples and blueberries. You probably guessed the secret ingredient here: quinoa. Crispy quinoa gets the dark chocolate treatment, but still supplies a little protein, fiber, and iron so you can feel good about giving your kid a chocolate fix. Plus, sugar is capped at six grams, which is reasonable for chocolate treats. Since a serving contains multiple crisps, you can treat your child to less than the full amount if you want.

Full disclosure: My teenager wolfs these down just as soon as I bring them home. Where to find them: Whole Foods, Amazon , or use the Undercover's store locator to find them in your area. This nut-, gluten-, and dairy-free snack packs four grams of fiber into a sizeable cake serving. That amount has just three grams of added sugars. The main ingredient is popcorn, which is an antioxidant- and fiber-rich whole grain.

If your child is snacking at home, you could easily serve these spread with some nut or seed butter to boost the nutrition further, or you could dunk them into a lower-sugar dessert hummus, like the Edible Brownie Batter or Snickerdoodle from Delighted by Hummus. From several studies show that Indonesia is the second largest contributor to plastic waste after China.

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According to the journal Nature Communication, Indonesia is estimated to contribute more than , tons of plastic waste mainly from Java and Sumatra. Many rivers in the urban areas are full of garbage and cause flooding during the rainy season. In fact, four rivers in Indonesia are included in the 20 dirtiest rivers in the world. Plastic polluted rivers supply watering for plantations, which then provide food to the nearby cities, or, the micro-plastics are simply consumed by animals that become daily food base such as fish and chicken in Indonesia. We love sweet food as much as we care about environmental sustainability.

And ever since, we were especially worried about plastic waste. All our retail products do not use plastic packaging, but are protected by aluminium foil, which degrades faster than plastic, and wrapped into a paper packaging made of FSC Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. However, we also feel responsible that our packaging is disposed correctly.

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We like to remind our consumers about it and therefore, print a Javanese man, who correctly disposes his trash, on each of our products. Besides, we have always given paper bags for our customers to carry their purchase. The paper bag that we provide is less harmful to the environment than the plastic bag and can be reused as well. We also serve our drinks with paper straws, paper cups, paper box for takeaway snacks. To learn more about all our efforts to reduce plastic, follow us on Instagram or visit us at our production in Yogyakarta to learn more. Chocolate Monggo creates seasonal products for special occasions, especially those where people like to share with their loved ones.

Soon Easter is coming up, for which we created several chocolate products to celebrate. Usually decorated eggs are hidden by the parents for the children to find. Today, easter bunny and eggs made of chocolate became important for the celebration of Easter. Coffee is consequently a popular drink these days. The availability of good quality chocolate drinks, on the other hand, remains scarce.

The focus though lies on our authentic chocolate beverages. The beverages are prepared only from real chocolate and Milk, but without adding any additional sugar. But for us, chocolate is not just made from cocoa powder.

We try to run the Kedai as eco-friendly as possible and therefore serve our drinks with paper straws, paper cups, paper box for take-away snacks. In the past years, many small cocoa farmers in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta's Eastern district, were facing financial difficulties. Growing cocoa became an unprofitable business and many had to close their plantations. One of the main reasons is the common practice to get fast returns by selling raw and unrefined cocoa beans, whatever the price to be paid.

But the beans are of low quality, not worth much and even worse, the kilo prices constantly dropped.

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As a result, after decades of growing cocoa, many farmers could no longer earn a living from it. Many began to plant other, more lucrative crops. Others looked for work elsewhere and left behind their cocoa plantations.

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There are still many abandoned cocoa plantations to be found in Kulon Progo until today, with productive trees growing cocoa. Unfortunately, most of this cocoa is neither harvested nor does it provide income for anyone. Monggo wants to help the farmers, who are affected by the situation described above, to make a living from cultivating cocoa again. But getting an abandoned cocoa plantation to run profitable again requires not only a lot of effort and investment.

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Even more important is to make the farmers believe in the cocoa business again, especially after it caused them enough financial worries in the past. And finally, it needs a fundamental change of the prior business strategy, to avoid any recurrence of the past difficulties. The small harvest of fermented beans he produced before working with us September This is where Monggo gives advice and promotes a completely new approach. Instead of continuing to produce low quality cocoa beans that are sold directly to provide fast but small returns, Monggo encourages the farmers to produce high-quality beans.

Therefore, Monggo shares its knowledge about refining processes such as roasting or fermenting. In the beginning, basic tools and equipment were provided, especially for the refinement of the bean. Once the farmers learned to improve the quality of their cocoa beans, their harvest and its value increased remarkably and they're able to ask higher prices for their premium beans. Besides encouraging the production of premium beans by sharing knowledge and providing guidance to the farmers, they also receive monetary support from Monggo.