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Like this: Like Loading I was bewildered. The situation was interesting and the characters believable.

Still, back it came from one magazine after another, even from those who often published my work. Finally one editor included a note of explanation. There is too much here that needs to be further developed. Have you considered writing a book? Yes, of course, I had. It was a dream for some distant day when I was more experienced.

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What scared me about the thought of tackling a book was the simple fact of its size. A short story might run up to fifteen pages or so, while a book would be over two hundred. How many years would it take to write one, and how could I help but get bogged down along the way? After all, I reminded myself, I did have a head start. If I cut it in half, I could call it two chapters. Then, if I tacked five chapters onto the beginning and five onto the end, I would have a twelve chapter book. Such were my thoughts when I purchased a new box of paper and sat down at the typewriter.

Such were not my thoughts six weeks later when I read the chapters I had written and dropped them into the wastebasket. It took me that long to realize that what I was attempting was not working. Writing a novel by adding onto a short story was just about as feasible as trying to make an evening gown by adding taffeta to the top and bottom of a swimsuit.

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  5. The confines of my story were set. I could not make it longer, only larger. And to do that I had to deepen it. For a book, there would have to be a series of climaxes, each advancing the s tory and leading Lynn a little further along the road to maturity. I knew now what it was I was trying to accomplish; my next problem was how to accomplish it. Does she sit home and brood?

    What It Takes to Be a High-Society Debutante

    Does she make friends with girls who have not been selected for the debutante list? Does she retaliate against him or against her parents? If so, how? That was when I knew the story was working. When I stood, at last, with my impressively bulky manuscript in my hands, I realized that I had never enjoyed writing so much, largely because the expanded framework of a novel had given me a chance to develop my characters.

    The reader was told only that Lynn and Dodie had little in common and did not get along. In the book there had been room to develop Dodie as a person, to see her in rivalry with her sister, to hear their arguments, to study their contrasting reactions to a variety of situations. As Lynn matured during the course of the year, we saw the two girls begin to grow closer.

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    Even though it was a subplot, it had furthered the main theme. My next novel! Like Lynn in my story, I now knew my true identity. Hi, Lynn, wait for me! Forgot your password? Send email.

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