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Ah, to be a 1L again. But when the prosecution introduces a felony murder charge against Brandi — after all, her husband was shot and killed during a crime she was also committing — Michaela must go back to the drawing board. Even though Michaela resists his input, Gabriel has a smart idea: Get Brandi on the stand, especially since her testimony could get this case a little attention in the press.

Her cross-examination, however? Total disaster. Following that outburst, Michaela has reached a dead end, and she frantically begs Annalise for a little guidance. The conversation that follows is all very vague and hush-hush — Michaela asks Annalise why she keeps protecting her students when she could have turned them in long ago, and Annalise asks her to reflect on what she just said — and Michaela finally has a lightbulb moment: The D.

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She passionately asserts that the D. The mother need to move on from them They were already divorced. Yes, She called it that. Doesn't even sound sexy at all! I can imagine what she sounds like when she's having sex She talks like a valley girl. She talks like someone trying to sound like a valley girl but ends up sounding unintelligent and illiterate. Their Daddy really did some damage to them.

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Wasn't he still married to Evelyn while he went and started a whole nother family? He was living a double life, Right? Pastor on his good days, Evelyn's husband on decent days and hoe on his free time?! I cringe when she's talking. I did like Party or go home tho! Bought the MP3 off of Amazon the day it was released.

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And after that hug Wait, everyone is going in on Trina, but didn't he cheat on her for yrs. Also, I remember her saying she caught him masturbating to some girl he was having a live internet chat with? Not sure but I bet there was some kind of abuse Toni seems to be money driven Then Trina and Gabe were too caught up in their own mess to give the boys the attention they needed. They failed those boys. His wrongdoing has always been out there.

Pitching children against men But maybe she was awful to him because of the way he cheated and treated her.

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Who knows? They probably should have divorced sooner. Blame games All of them have problems expect the son. He may too. We just don't see him as much.

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So cause you mad you cheat too I do believe he admitted many times to his wrong.. Her not so much Covert Narc! They ALL need therapy. I agree that they should have divorced much earlier or possibly never married but there is not excuse for her behavior. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. She was verbally abusive to him. They talked about that extensively on the show.

Girls of Gabe's Place 1: Brandy by Misty Reigenborn - Read Online

It was not a result of his cheating. She was always that way. He was drawn to her because he was used to that treatment from his childhood. People need to stop blaming men for the way women choose to behave and vice versa. I always felt like their father's affair had a ripple effect impact on the family.

The whole family need intensive therapy and not on TV. Toni said she divorced her husband because he wasn't 'supportive' when she got sick. Maybe he couldn't run behind her tour bus like Birdman cause he was takin care of yo damn kids! So selfish and shallow. They never admit their part in any of the dysfunction in their lives. They blame everyone else and argue with the person trying to help them.

True but Both had their faults. It also could be her drinking Drinking can have an effect on your looks after a period of time. It is the season if Imblonc the last occultic time of the year and we've lost two other ones already They all do rituals out there in Hollyweird so keep your eye out on Trina's next move to keep herself relevant. That was projections At up with bitterness anger After several rounds of auditions and cast reads, she finally secured the part in January Variety magazine's Brian Lowry says their careers "[reflect] the Disney Channel's knack for identifying young performers and rolling them from one project to the next, in a fashion reminiscent of the old studio system".

Baker says Disney had been "courting [her] for awhile to play a mom", but she had always felt too young.

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When I'm done with this stint, I'll actually be the age everyone thinks I am to be able to play the part". Mia Talerico — Like most series featuring baby actors, producers of Good Luck Charlie had originally intended to have identical twins play Charlie Duncan, the title character and the Duncans' new baby.

However, the show makers were unsuccessful in finding the proper set of twins and decided to cast Mia Talerico instead. She may have a bad day and we can't shoot and it'll cost us tens of thousands of dollars.