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Regency romance author Amy Sandas is bringing her creative plotlines and unique characters to a very different historical genre—the Western. Her name is Marie-Anne de Vauteuil, and she is everything.

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Sign up for our newsletters! Read More. August 08, Digital Dalliances: The Duke I Tempted Posted by Savanna, Assistant Editor Since BDSM-tinged romance exploded after the publication of 50 Shades of Grey , one would think the heterosexual stories in the subgenre would have since expanded beyond the dominant man, submissive woman model. He must also be Mr.

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The latest plot twist in romance novels reflects a real-life trend that has permeated popular culture: the baby boom generation's preoccupation with parenting, and in particular, the loudly ticking biological clock of single career women. In order to preserve the conceit of new love while also introducing motherhood, the fantasies can become quite elaborate. A synopsis for an updated version of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," which many romance writers like to regard as a founding classic of the genre, might go something like this: Elizabeth Bennet, a spirited, single year-old systems analyst in San Diego, Calif.

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The proud Mr. Darcy, a disturbingly handsome corporate executive with his own yearnings for an heir, hires a surrogate mother; due to a mix-up at the fertility clinic, Mr. Darcy ends up impregnating Miss Bennet instead.

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They spar over custody for several chapters, come together in a torrid embrace, then marry -- though not necessarily before he escorts her to Lamaze class and assists at the birth. Kate Duffy, editor in chief of Meteor, a mail-order romance publishing house, described a typical scenario. The heroine "meets Mr.

Right, in the 's somehow gets pregnant, and is determined to have the baby on her own. He is really desperately in love with her and wants the baby, but she doesn't believe it, and that's the excuse for the book to go on for pages. There are at least three different genres of romance fiction: Regency novels, which imitate, palely, the chaste 19th-century drawing-room courtships in the novels of Austen; historicals, which are tales of cavaliers, buccaneers and sultry maidens, they are also called "bodice-rippers," because of the desire-crazed hero's tendency to do exactly that , and contemporary romance novels, known in the industry as category romances.

Romance fiction, once dismissed as escapist fiction for bored housewives, has in the last two decades grown into a major industry, with annual revenues that publishing analysts say reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

STILL MR. AND MRS. (Loveswept, No. 789)

Nearly half of all readers work and are college educated. Romance novels account for more than 40 percent of all mass market paperback sales. The giant of the field, the Canadian company Harlequin Books, which also owns Silhouette Books, publishes 60 titles a month, and last year sold million books in more than 20 languages.

As the market has grown, so have the female protagonists. The virginal year-old governesses awaiting ravishment are all but gone.

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Contemporary heroines are more likely to be lawyers, surgeons and army captains in their late 20's and 30's. Yet no matter how feisty, independent and career-minded today's romance heroine is, the hero still reduces her to quivering ecstasy.

As did his bare torso, on which the moonlight danced to a silent serenade. Duffy noted sternly.