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Using colloquial expressions and no jargon, Quick makes the introduction to the Transition Cycle theory fun to read and easy to understand.

For instance, she uses "itchy feet" and "dragging feet" to describe the feelings of anxiety and denial students have towards changes. She also uses "fish out of water" to refer to uncertainty and ambiguity in the transition stage.

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In chapters three and four, Quick calls the reader's attention to acknowledge unsolved grief of TCKs, which is often neglected by parents. The high mobility lifestyle exposes TCKs to more losses than other people ever experience in their entire life.

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Quick argues that TCKs should be given enough time to grieve about their losses and accept the losses. She believes parents play an important role in this process. As such, she encourages parents to embrace their own losses, understand their child's grief, and provide them with emotional support.

Another important contribution of this book is the discussion on how TCKs relate to their homecountry peers.

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This is discussed primarily in chapter six. It is often assumed that it is not an issue for TCKs when they return to their home-county culture. However, Quick provides a totally different perspective.

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  4. Quick explains specifically why TCKs feel disconnected from their peers in their home-country and why TCKs think their relationship with these peers is superficial. She further points out that TCKs are different from international students in many ways but they tend to be more comfortable with international students since they often share similar cross-cultural experiences.

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    If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. Transition Cycle The transition cycle, extensively discussed in chapters two, three, four, and five, is the highlight of the book. College and university staff who want to support international students and help ensure a smooth transition. It covers all the important topics that TCKs and other international students need for adjusting to university life: the cycle of transition marginalisation belonging identity independent living roommates time management finances interpersonal relationships health safety.

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