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Adele Chandler gave up on love long ago. A single mom, her priorities are raising her teenage daughter and directing the community's nursing home. Then two men enter her life and change it forever. Sorting through new decisions and consequences, Adele is forced to look at her heart and wonder if love can bloom there again. The Winding Road Home is an inspiring story about how God is a sure Guide through unplanned detours along life's way.


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Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Popular fiction author Sally John's first series The Other Way Home more than 65, copies sold comes to life with a fresh, new cover for a new audience of readers. He often ended up turning a minute drive into a minute journey. Taking the long way home cost him a lot of wasted time and money for fuel.

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  6. Yet often in life we take the long and winding road to get where we want to be. Life is short, yet we take so long to learn how to live it well.

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    Each day we face possibilities to make wrong turns, or to simply go around in circles with our daily routine, never actually making progress. We take many twists and turns trying to find our way through this life of good and bad, right and wrong. We face a lot of choices, including false starts, detours, and dead ends.

    There is nothing smart about being too stubborn and proud to admit we have made a mistake. It makes no sense to ask 2 plus 2 to equal 5. Just like it makes no sense to ask God to change the facts of right and wrong so I can live my own way.

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    And what if God said it was OK for me to do the wrong thing I want to do?